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A demo project to show 2D workflow in Unity. This scene represents an important spawn point which communicates a strong sense of place and establishes context for beginning a level or segment.

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Michael baker scene final

Final Scene

Raintown - a 2D demo project in Unity. Watch for lighting strike at 15s!

Michael baker 8 rainy city night

Mood Board - from Pinterest "Rainy City Night"

Michael baker thumbs

Thumbs - crude but good enough. Lower left chosen for comp.

Michael baker urbandiorama3

Old Sketchup scene - re-rendered in 2D and inverted to create foreground.

Michael baker comp2

Photoshop Comp

Michael baker iso layers

Layers in Unity. Rain, Foreground, Rolling Mist, Clouds, Mid ground, Background.

Michael baker scene bg


Michael baker scene fg


Michael baker scene no lighting or fx

Final Scene - No Lights or FX. No real depth here. Needs FX!

Michael baker scene no post

Final Scene - No Post Processing. Depth better, but needs post processing!

Michael baker in engine

Scene - in engine.